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Foundry Files

Media Roundup – The Importance of Manufacturing in America

  • By: Communications
  • February 10, 2012
  • Category: Culture

Since President Obama’s State of the Union address, where he called for creating more advanced manufacturing jobs in the United States, there has been a lot of attention on this topic. The Christian Science Monitor profiled GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Fab 8 in an article earlier this week, and more stories have been appearing on the topic.

Here’s a couple of articles that are worth reading, which highlight why it’s so important for our economy to create these advanced manufacturing jobs in the United States, like the one at Fab 8.

From The Atlantic: Manufacturing Is Special: Why America Needs Its Makers

Why is manufacturing more innovative compared to other businesses? The sector has long benefited from the relentless application of technical knowledge and skill. Every year, production workers, engineers, and managers find better ways to solve the technical problems of production. As a result, production becomes more efficient and, from time to time, the production process gets reorganized.

While America’s manufacturing sector no longer lords over our economy as in the past, it’s still a crucial force. It is more innovative and pays higher wages than other industries. Because that’s likely to be the case for the foreseeable future, public policy should support a healthy manufacturing sector.

From The New York Times: Why Manufacturing Still Matters

Manufacturing matters because of its substantial and disproportionate role in innovation. Few economists dispute the importance of innovation to the growth of living standards, but few acknowledge the strong links between innovation and manufacturing.

A strong manufacturing sector supports the key building blocks of the nation’s innovation ecosystem — its skilled scientific, engineering and technical work force, its research and development, its ability to identify technical challenges and provide creative solutions.

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