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Foundry Files

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Essex Junction Fab Gets an “Uplift”

  • By: Communications
  • November 4, 2015
  • Category: Culture

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin called GLOBALFOUNDRIES, “Vermont’s most important employer,” as he joined GF’s executives to announce the results of a $55 million capital investment in our Essex Junction facility.

Both sides said they were excited to be part of this new “partnership” and that the recent acquisition of the IBM facility was the best possible outcome for all involved. Our wafer manufacturing fab produces semiconductors for customers whose parts can be found in products touched by consumers worldwide every day, including via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Advancements in voice, music, data, and video over global wireless networks can be tied directly to developments made at our Essex Junction facility. Over the past three years alone, this facility has shipped a staggering 10 billion parts that go into these mobile devices.

“I’m extremely encouraged by the investments GF has made and their continued commitment to growing in Vermont,” Governor Shumlin said. “The Essex Junction facility is home to one of the best workforces you can find anywhere in the world, and I am so proud of the success they have had since GF took over. I want to congratulate the leadership at GF and the hardworking employees at the plant.”

As it supports the fastest growing segment of the business, this facility continues to innovate and develop new technologies that will help meet the performance, power, and cost requirements of these devices in the future. We have made a substantial investment in new capacity to help meet the sustained demand in this market segment.

This site “Uplift” Project, which took place throughout 2015, adds physical capacity to the fab with new installations and upgrades of semiconductor process equipment, delivering increased total factory output capability. The project also demonstrates the strength of our strategic alliance with our customers, who shared in this investment.


GF’s Jim Doyle, Vice President of Fab 9 and 10 Manufacturing / Site Operations, and Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin outside the entrance of Fab 9 in Essex Junction, VT.

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