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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Enables Next Generation of Connected Devices with Industry-First Technology Platform

  • By: Communications
  • July 13, 2015
  • Category: Technology

 GLOBALFOUNDRIES Enables Next Generation of Connected Devices with Industry-first Technology

Today, GLOBALFOUNDRIES revealed a new semiconductor technology designed to meet the ultra-low-power requirements of the next generation of connected devices. GF’s new “22FDX®” platform is the industry’s first 22nm two-dimensional, fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) technology, offering the best combination of performance, power consumption, and cost for IoT, mainstream mobile, RF, and analog markets.

The technology will be manufactured at Fab 1 in Dresden, Germany, where the company hosted a press briefing featuring CEO Sanjay Jha, Fab 1 General Manager and SVP Rutger Wijburg, and Gregg Bartlett, SVP of the CMOS Platforms Business Unit.

“Fab 1 has a proud history of delivering leading-edge semiconductor technologies that have changed the world,” said Sanjay Jha. “Today, we are here to celebrate the launch of another technology innovation that will drive the next wave of the digital revolution.”

As part of the launch, GF has partnered with SemiWiki to feature 22FDX technology on its web site, under the name “FDXtreme Week.” SemiWiki editors will be reporting all week from both Dresden and San Francisco, CA, where GF is participating in SEMICON West this week.

While some applications require the performance of three-dimensional FinFET transistors, this performance comes with additional cost and complexity. The majority of wireless applications need a much better balance of performance, energy efficiency, and cost. 22FDX is much less complicated to manufacture than FinFET and can provide a multi-node, low-cost roadmap for wearable, consumer, multimedia, automotive, and other applications.

As the lead site for 22FDX, this launch represents a new chapter in the success and sustained investment in Fab 1. With this technology, Fab 1 will feed directly for the first time into the value chains of key industrial players in Germany and Europe as a whole. This is an important step in creating a competitive, sustainable foundry sector in Europe.

On Tuesday, July 14, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Fab 1 and meet with company representatives. Chancellor Merkel’s visit signifies, among other things, that the German government is aware that microelectronics manufacturing is key to German and European industrial competitiveness and that the government is willing to support the further growth of the microelectronics cluster in Saxony.

“22nm FD-SOI is a technology ‘made and manufactured in Europe for world markets’, said Rutger Wijburg. “It is the culmination of ground-breaking work done in the French cluster and will strengthen the European SC supply chain.”

The FD-SOI teams in Dresden and other locations around the world celebrated the launch with parties at their respective sites.

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