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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Day 1 Media Roundtable

  • By: Communications
  • July 23, 2015
  • Category: Business

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Day 1 Media Roundtable

Coming off of a busy few weeks of announcements, we wanted to highlight some of the exciting events that helped kick off the beginning of the month for GLOBALFOUNDRIES. July 1st marked a momentous occasion for GF with the completion of the acquisition of IBM’s Microelectronics business. We celebrated across the globe at all of GF’s locations, including the two newest fabs, Fab 9 in Essex Junction, VT, and Fab 10 in East Fishkill, NY. We closed out the day in Essex Junction with a media roundtable where GF executives shared the company’s plans to build upon IBM’s strong global legacy of technology innovation and leadership. Spokespeople included:

  • Brian Harrison, Senior Vice President of Integration and Factory Management at GF
  • Mike Cadigan, formerly General Manager of IBM Microelectronics Division, now head of the Product Management Group at GF
  • Janette Bombardier, Vermont Senior Location Executive for GF, Director of Vermont and East Fishkill Site Operations

A few key points discussed are highlighted below, but you can also view the entire event on the Burlington Free Press website here.

A consistent theme that was a hot discussion point was how the former IBM portfolio complements GF’s offerings. As Mike stated, “The GF patent portfolio now consists of more than 25,000 technology patents and applications. And with the skills that have generated those patents, we will continue to lead in technology segments around RF and we’ve had the number one position in ASICs now in the high-end communications space for years. So we are very, very happy to be able to take that talent pool and certainly the resources here in Burlington, the resources in our facility in East Fishkill and around the world and bring them over to be part of GF.” Brian also shared how excited many former IBMers are to join a full-time semiconductor company, where their contributions will be central and crucial to the company’s success.

Several reporters were also interested in how GF will continue to invest in the local region. As Brian stated, “There is a strong, clear leadership position in the technology that is developed and manufactured [at Fab 9]. GF is committed to both invest in the technology to get the next generation and the generation after that. The centerpiece of our development activity in that technology will take place here in Burlington. We will make investments and we’ve already been part of investments that took place prior to the transaction closing to add capacity here in Burlington…and we will continue to make investments necessary to grow to support our customers and their demands.”

There was also some clarity around the transition of the former IBMers to their new status as GF’s employees. Janette restated that every Vermont employee that was part of the divested IBM business was offered a job by GF in December, which amounted to over 3,000 people. The skills and experiences these employees hold significantly increase GF’s capabilities.

The conversation reinforced the strong growth this deal will bring to GF and to the local regions of East Fishkill and Essex Junction. For more information on the news, check out the press release here.

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