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The Expanding Ecosystem for 22FDX®: Design Support Coming Together

It’s been a little more than three months since GLOBALFOUNDRIES launched the 22FDX platform—the industry’s first 22nm FD-SOI technology. In that short time there has been a significant increase in interest from customers – the value proposition of optimizing power, performance and cost is resonating. Several leading customers have downloaded the early PDKs and validated the benefits of 22FDX in their design context. On the process development front, we are ahead of plan on SRAM yield. GF has been collaborating with the leading EDA vendors to enable and qualify their tools for the 22FDX Reference Flow. These EDA companies (ANSYS, ATopTech, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and Synopsys) recently announced their progress in supporting 22FDX. They are key part of an ecosystem that is expanding to support our customers’ success.

 The Expanding Ecosystem for 22FDX: Design Support Coming Together

Growing Ecosystem for 22FDX

From a designer’s perspective, a key benefit of 22FDX is its ability to provide software controlled body-biasing at the transistor level. The 22FDX reference flow will support forward and reverse body bias (FBB/RBB) and give designers the flexibility to trade-off performance and power. This capability to better manage power, performance and leakage will enable the creation of the next-generation chips for mainstream mobile, IoT and networking applications.

It is clear that getting an optimal balance of power and performance at the right cost is top-of-mind for designers. Through this expanding network of partners, GF’s intends to enable them with the tools they need to be successful.

About Author

Pankaj Mayor

Pankaj Mayor is the Vice President of Business Development at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. As part of his role, he is leading the development of an ecosystem for the 22FDX platform.

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